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Fully loaded. GUNNAR’s Call of Duty MW3 Gaming Eyewear packs every advanced feature of our eSport eyewear into a future-warrior inspired design.

Spring hinges, precision engineered into a magnesium / aluminum body, provide a custom fit. When you’re leading your team into battle, you need to be able to focus on the task at hand – and only the task at hand. Hours of intense gaming can take a toll on your eyes, but that’s no excuse when the mission’s on the line. The enemy won’t be backing down any time soon because you’ve “got a little something in your eye.” Zero in on the mission and keep enemy forces clearly in your sight with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Gaming Eyewear. Remain focused, see more clearly and protect your eyes from visual stress – all while showcasing your MW3 fandom – with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Gaming Eyewear.

Featuring an amber lens tint, this eyewear filters out harsh fluorescent light and reduces high-intensity blue light to increase overall contrast, detail and resolution. The highly wrapped, curved lens shape minimizes airflow and maintains moisture near the eyes while providing a slight magnification effect optimized for viewing digital screens, so your eye muscles can relax and zero in on your target without straining. See the game like never before, as the optically pure lens material ensures that you get the clearest image with minimal distortion, impurities and haze.

The cool, future warrior-inspired design features a brushed battle-scar finish on a streamlined, lightweight frame crafted from magnesium and aluminum to let you game in style and comfort. After you complete the mission, store your Eyewear in the included Limited Edition Call of Duty MW3 branded pouch and carry it to your next briefing with the included Limited Edition Call of Duty MW3 branded carrying case.


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