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Finished to exacting specifications and machine polished with high velocity micro particulates, the engineering behind PHENOM is only outdone by one thing… its artistic style. Micro-engineered lens locks add both flexibility and flair. An exercise in creative contrast.

• Soft thermoplastic rubber tipped temples grip lightly to ensure proper location of the optics without slippage

• Aluminum-magnesium frame construction generates proper strength and optical stability through a hybrid lightweight metal alloy

• Hidden spring hinges flex to Ergonomically fit a wide variety of head and face shapes

• Lightweight construction and proper weight balance guarantee long wearing comfort without pressure points or fatigue

• Micro-engineered lens locks securely retain lenses without undue stress or distortion of the optics

• Adjustable floating nose pads articulate in 3 dimensions to properly fit and comfortably secure eyewear in place.



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