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The New York Times has just published a handy guide of how to take gaming to the next level for would-be enthusiasts. And what might you find in this guide? An Elgato Game Capture HD60? Yup. The latest from Astro? Of course. KontrolFreek Grips? Definitely. Gunnars? You know it.

To quote the Times: “The video game industry is rapidly evolving with the rise of e-sports. But not everyone has the skills to play at the professional level. Fear not, would-be gaming stars; there are tools to help you improve your game. Here are some notable accessories that will help even an amateur player level up.”


See what they had to say about Gunnars below and check out the rest of their list here.

Tony Cenicola/The New York Times


“Staring at any screen, whether a TV or computer, for extended periods can cause eye strain, headaches and dry eyes. To help ease eye fatigue, Gunnar Optiks designed a line of eyewear with features like a patented lens shape that limits air currents, custom tints that filter ultraviolet and artificial blue light, and coatings that reduce glare and resist scratching.

For gamers, specific styles were engineered with flat temples that fit with most gaming headsets. The Gunnar eyewear that I tried, a sturdy style called Haus, fit comfortably over my glasses, but prescription styles are also available.”

c/0 NYTimes

It looks like the Times has everything they need to step their game up. Do you?

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